"Faceless" summer 2007
“Faceless” summer 2007
  1. Cafe Dilettante

    your coffee makes an ass of yourself.

  2. Guilty

    possesions and accumulations

  3. Antfinity

    ants, forever.

  4. Reference

    a relational inference.

  5. Slumber

    lazy, indolent, recumbent.

  6. Faceless

    there is no front of the head.

  7. Radioactivity


  8. Condo

    eat in kitchen.

  9. Revision

    edited and redacted.

  10. Entangled Fever

    disordered and stochastic.

  11. Garlic

    the sound of two cloves rubbing together.

  12. Rats

    every place you find people, you find rodents.