2009 Inflammation

2009 Q1 Inflammation
2009 Q1 Inflammation
  1. Centerline

    A simplistic beat driven ode to driving.

  2. Bait

    more abstract exploration.

  3. Bread Makes Socialists

    Supply side economics.

  4. Control

    the means of control are not always evident

  5. Chief of Staff

  6. Inflammation

    Cancer is often the result of inflammation.

  7. Insist

    An edgier pulsing tune.

  8. Nightbred

    Left alone at night

  9. Not Finish

    Frustrated with incompletion.

  10. Procrastinate

    The frustration turns to nihilism.

  11. 6 Obstacles to Domestic Happiness

    Monograph on domesticity.

  12. Souffle

    Floaty rape jam.

  13. Zyrtec

    Zappy interlude.