Null Static Void began in 2007 in
Oakland Ca. It was an outgrowth of a previous project which was centered on drum machines, tape loops and bass guitar.
Null Static Void was a departure from the bass guitar centered format. Being more about a process than any particular instrument. The initial focus of NSV was to construct an audio recording of some type every week, and post it online. The idea being that this would result in about 52 ‘songs’ per year, instead of the usual half dozen or so that one person, working alone, usually completes. There are a few gaps here and there. NSV however has kept up a prodigious output since 2007. Now totaling about 400 recordings and over a dozen music videos. Occasionally NSV has veered off into thematic series. As a lack of lyrical subject matter has been an ever present threat. It is easier to borrow the half science of Zechariah Sitchin than write another hackneyed love song. It is more direct to cut and paste the geo-political assertions of Bill Cooper than sing them.

the operating principles of NSV;

  1. Explore What can constitute music
    Tactics of abusing, mutilating, song structure, tuning and arrangement have been employed in the past. Until an edge is discovered which delimits music from not music, it is assumed that all sound is music.
  2. Musical expression is the most vulgar of the arts. It should not be held in too high esteem or dwelled upon as a writers and painters dwell upon their works.
  3. Dance is not an art. It is an obscene metaphor for the sexual act. Music composed to accompany dance is lessened by this association to be even more banal, common and mundane than music in general already is. NSV objects to this perverted association. NSV does not make dance music. Though we wholeheartedly endorse sex in all of it’s forms.
  4. Genre is an artificial construct for the purposes of selling music. Genre is not to be adhered to. Music is allowed to happen. Any reference to a genre is decided after the fact, for more effective marketing to the rubes.
  5. An effort is made to pursue the highest standard of fidelity in all NSV recordings. We do not affect to create lo fi recordings, or anything less than the best that our facilities can muster.
    We maintain, modify, upgrade and in some cases build our own gear because our standards are just that fucking high.

Null Static Void was the original meaning of the letters NSV. Taken from a book on computer programming. Alternate meanings for the initials NSV are;  Nasa Space Vehicle, and Non Surgical Vasectomy. These names are used to vaguely categorize the output of NSV.

Synth Punk, Doom and more guitar oriented iterations have taken the classic Null Static Void moniker.

The more synth-wave and motorik stuff is usually referenced under Nasa Space Vehicle.

Power Electronics, noise and other sadistic pieces are going to be filed under Non Surgical Vasectomy.

NSV continues until this day. More or less. Output has slowed considerably due to stricter quality control standards.